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New Titanosaur in Queensland

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:04 pm
by Rokcet Scientist
It's Cooper's bro, Zac, and he might've looked something like this:

Australia discovers new dinosaur

Australian palaeontologists say they have discovered a new species of dinosaur on a sheep farm in the northern state of Queensland.
The fossil remains of the large plant-eating sauropod, nicknamed Zac, are about 97 million years old.
They were found near the town of Eromanga, in a fossil-rich area that was once covered by a vast inland sea.
Palaeontologists say the find confirms Australia's importance as a centre for dinosaur discovery.

The country's largest dinosaur, Cooper, was found on the same sheep farm in 2004.
Cooper was almost 30 metres long and was a new species of titanosaur - enormous, armour-plated creatures. [...]