A mysterious "codex" in Ohio

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E.P. Grondine

A mysterious "codex" in Ohio

Post by E.P. Grondine » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:49 pm

Hi all -

This is a good one:
http://ancientamerica.com/are-artifacts ... y-h-gross/

owned by:
https://www.ohioregistry.com/hidden-cod ... erties-llc
HIDDEN CODEX PROPERTIES, LLC was founded on 2013-03-21 and has its registered office in Columbus.
The Gross family

"Our artifact, called a codex, had been lying around on museum shelves, largely forgotten until the early eighties when carbon date testing became widely available. The owners, a group of investors in Ohio, submitted some cloth samples for analysis with surprising results. These tests showed that the codex was over 300 years old, created between 1660 and 1710 in Mexico."

(Hi John -)
"Our third example is that of Dr. John B Carlson. We were introduced to Dr. Carlson in 2011 by a consulting firm that asked him to evaluate our artifact for a business opportunity. After reviewing the material we produced, he declared it to be a fake similar to all the others he has debunked. We asked him to document his findings. He told us he would only produce the report if we paid him. He demanded the sum of one thousand dollars in advance. We paid the fee and awaited the report. We were anxious to deal in good faith and be able to objectively work through our discovery and consider information from both sides. But the report never came. For months he emailed us the report was forthcoming. We have repeatedly attempted to contact Dr. Carlson. He has not responded and has not returned the money."
(John, it looks to me like you owe them a $1,000 refund.)
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E.P. Grondine

Re: A mysterious "codex" in Ohio

Post by E.P. Grondine » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:18 pm

It Is clear to me that this group has absolutely no idea how to proceed.

First off, they could have just posted high resolution images to the internet, and experts familiar with northern mexican codices (mixtec etc.) as well as the forgeries
would have sent them comments for free. Why they contacted Mayan experts is beyond me, except that it demonstrates their rather complete ignorance of mesoamerican archaeology. All that they seem to know is that real codices are worth big money. Why their "consulting firm" sent them to Dr. John Carlson of U Md. (editor of an archeo-astronomy publication, and yet another Phaestos Disk "translator) is beyond me.

Second, we have the problem of provenience, which they completely fail to understand.
Which Museum's shelves were the materials sitting on?
One guess would be that at Coshocton, home of the infamous Newark "Holy Stones":
Jacqueline C Gross, age 56
Coshocton, OH

These folks do not understand that the museum's records likely provide rather complete information on the materials acquisition.
If a forgery, it would provide information on the forgers' operations.
If real, it would provide information on the smuggler's' activities...

Finally, even if a forgery, the materials used to create it may have been "blank" codex pages.


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