Faxing without a fax modem

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Faxing without a fax modem

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http://faxzero.com/ international users see the link at the bottom of the page
Fax is analog in a digital world...If you have a DSL modem how do you send a fax..use the link ..it's free.

I needed to send a filled out insurance form. Some organizations will only accept documents filled out by hand, mailed or faxed.

.You need a scanner ...I filled it out and scanned it ..I saved it as a PDF.

The scanners default file is usually a Jpeg (or other picture file type) so make sure you change it in the scanner software.

The Faxzero will only fax a doc. or PDF type files.

I typed a couple of words on the cover sheet and attached my PDF file..plugged in the required contact information and 20 minutes later the fax was confirmed delivered. Beats attaching a fax modem to to the phone line and configuring the computer.
Regards Ernie
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