The dates for Sepent Mound

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E.P. Grondine

The dates for Sepent Mound

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If you want to watch a right regal pissing match between competent archaeologists and an incompetent one,
watch Bill Romaine and his team take on Bradley Lepper of the OHS. ... 17.1403738


Lepper dug at Serpent Mound, a severely disturbed site,
without checking the previous excavation reports.
Lepper recovered multiple unstratified radio carbon dates,
and did not use the previously recovered lithics
to arrive at a rough date,
but instead threw out the earliest date he obtained, 800 BCE,
relying on his own absolutely rotten cultural analysis.

So I report to my correspondents Lepper's rotten date,
which is demonstrably off by at least 1500 years,
and more likely by around 2000 years.
We now get to watch Lepper trying to avoid owning up to his multiple mistakes.

A nice feature of footnotes
is that they allow you to blame your mistakes on others.
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Re: The dates for Sepent Mound

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Most of what this individual says can be dismissed
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