Rhizon / Risinium

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Rhizon / Risinium

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Hello. I hope someone will give my some informations.
I live in Risan - Montenegro.
Rhizon / Risinium, now Risan was the Illyrian capital and the castle of Queen Teuta was here. The remains are still visible and every year Polish archaeologists come and do research, they have found a lot, you can google it.

I'm wondering if anyone has information about the city itself, old maps or something like that.
I found an old picture of Risan on the internet and it says "Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana - Venezia" (maybe someone has additional pictures).

French divers were coming 20 years ago and were looking for gold found somewhere in the sea or in caves that are full of lakes, but found nothing.
There are Romans mosaics also, saved in the very good condition.

Sorry for the spelling, I use google translate.

This link can help:
https://www.academia.edu/41420456/Ancie ... Montenegro
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