North Face Corridor or Chamber

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North Face Corridor or Chamber

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Has anyone been following the news releases pertaining to the results of the Scan Pyramids project? They recently released video footage & still photos of the interior of the "Small Void" directly behind the chevrons on the north face of the Great Pyramid. There are two YouTube channels that made excellent videos on this. (History for Granite & Ancient Architects) What perturbed me is that the Egyptian Antiquities Authority claimed that the endoscopic camera was inserted in the rather large gap between the stone blocks without damaging them by using invasive drilling... If you watch the video footage, you can clearly see that the camera is being inserted in a tube shaped cavity with striations... Why does this bother me? Because it seems to be either an obvious lie or because the footage may not be what it is purported to be. It's always the small details that bother me...
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Re: North Face Corridor or Chamber

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I saw the report.

It looks just like the relieving chamber above the King's Chamber - angled stones to disperse the weight.

I'm more amazed that they had the engineering sense to know that they needed to relieve the stress on the lower stones than the fact that it is there.

At least they didn't use dynamite like Vyse dd.

The Egyptian Antiquities Authority is always trying to entice tourists to go back to Egypt and risk their lives to see something or other.
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