Waiting for them to emerge

The science or study of primitive societies and the nature of man.

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Waiting for them to emerge

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This article is about mammoths... BUT!!! There is a very interesting comment by one of the researchers at the end of the article... It's basically what most paleoanthropologists probably dream of:

Yes, the scientists are working on other ancient species that have been lying peacefully in their permafrost graves. And yes, climate change baking the Arctic has been thawing the permafrost, exposing some of these bodies for the first time in thousands of years. But another reason they’re coming to light is Russians “mining” the permafrost for mammoth tusks, which they sell, the scientists point out. And yes, they dearly, dearly hope to one day find an ancient hominin frozen in ice: an erectus, cross fingers. Homo erectus reached that part of the world almost two million years ago.

That is what the picture looks like at this stage of the game. We add that hominins liked to eat mammoths and did so until the giant animals went extinct.

https://www.haaretz.com/science-and-hea ... -1.9545874
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Re: Waiting for them to emerge

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Yeahhh! The scientist are working soo adequate on old-fashioned species. They unquestionably want to one day track down an old-fashioned hominin frozen in ice: cross fingers. Homo erectus showed up at that piece of the world practically million years earlier.
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