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Re: Death Knell for Clovis Firsters?

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2023 6:33 am
by circumspice

Thanks for the link shawomet!

Re: Death Knell for Clovis Firsters?

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2023 12:34 pm
by LacamasMorass
The pintel hitch is a rounded hook what drops over a ring to hold the ring securely. The theory is that when a connector such as this is used as a fastener to hold a trailing load, that its' ability to maintain the hold is superior to that of a simple pin, and the actual working of such a device is much better, than a hitch that does not close completely. Where a hitch of this type might idealize an extreme intellect, or an advanced social development in an older group consideration, all of the cultures which followed its invention or discovery would be of a more advanced state of wheel use. There were rings ground from stone found in Egypt in the 1970's, which coincided with some of the clovis studies that were ongoing in America. It would seem important to me, that the stylistic approach to clovis weapon points in America might have a similar date range to the stone rings. However, wood age people, and those of earlier ancestry, surely could have learned this hook and loop technology long before any mass peopling. So the Clovis first theory is identifying with a specific, taught technology, which must also have an evolutionary equal, in other parts of the world, but only so much as too identify this technology as a standard, and as such, it should not inhibit the concept of human development from an evolutionary aspect.

Trying to evolve the Clovis first theory was like trying to interest a hyper kid in a bologna sandwich. The consideration here is that the proper identification of Clovis is a proper identification of peoples in general around 466ad, and has little if anything to do with ropes, rocks or peopling. There could have been "primitive scientists", and they could have made systems by which to manufacture these things.

Here is my assumption in the parallel evolution scheme.

Our world is cruel. Our punishment is further living. Society is none so much, unforgiving. Habitual activities forged our existence and maintained our forward focus. Humankind learned the requirements long before they ventured into new conditions. Yes, possibilities are endless. But No; Functional conclusions are rare. All of us taught monkeys are really good shots with rocks. But if you toss that rock straight up and forget to move, it comes down on you. So where Clovis first might show a fitting end to the African peopling theories, It also forces future archaeologists to sharpen up on comparative finds, and to build more American theory. #42Le561 has an end habitation around 5000 years ago but was an active tree society long before the Vashon glacial inundated Puget sound. I am looking for some choice comparative finds... so please contact me if you have found any of the following items....
1. Flint and stone fire strikers
2. Natural stone mini-pots (like something one might carry fire coals in, or grind stick points with)
3. Iron nodules
If you have one, please contact me.
msg 3602196801
I need to acquire the number of occurrences across the USA, as total number of these finds.
Thank you.

Re: Death Knell for Clovis Firsters?

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2023 1:00 am
by circumspice
What the hell??? Is your long-winded dissertation on pintel hitches supposed to be an allegory? If so, to what purpose? SMH...