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Unsuccessful Colonization?

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2022 6:24 am
by circumspice
Well, this is fairly up to date... Remember how archaeologists finally acknowledged that admixture of modern humans with archaic humans had occurred? And how they wondered where the admixture events, aka boinking, occurred? Okay then... Maybe one or two events happened here, about 54kya. Or maybe not, because the modern humans at this site subsequently disappeared, leaving no trace. However, before this find, humans securely dated to have lived in France 54kya is unprecedented. I look forward to seeing how this find interpreted. I have always thought that colonization events were pretty haphazard, a few being successful & most being unsuccessful. It probably took several waves of migration just to establish sufficient populations to gain a foothold in new territory. Just my take on it. ... early.html#!